Friday, July 31, 2009

Not a Fan of Hip-Hop

I got something for you guys too :D - A real online valentines day mixtape - makes it easy to share music with anyone across the globe in a heartbeat for anytype of music. - Crazy Trance upbeat club music - For all you rockers a cool community based website(really cool I think).

I need somehelp with this list if you can CONTACT ME!

The Pay Mixtape Sites (High Quality Mixtape Covers For Djs)

Once again im still looking for more pay mixtape sites if you can help me out just join and contact me on my email. You guys should support some of the artist you listen to by just paying for a mixtape and actually owning the CD insted of just downloading media files. Some of the artist own up to the cash.

The free mixtape site list (free trial credit card required for sign up) (Youtube of Mixtapes) (Just a cool site for mixtape covers)

This list will grow over time trust me. I will keep looking for you guys.

If you can help me out with this list Join this blog and contact me through e-mail.

Dont Worry!

The Full list is still Under Construction(searching HIGH and low) I got you guys.